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Some people in Turkey say with resentment that gay men are actually lucky, as at least they have one possible route out of military service - they don't have to spend months in the barracks, or face the possibility of being deployed to fight against Kurdish militants.

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It is not uncommon for employers in Turkey to question job applicants about their military service - and a pink certificate can mean a job rejection. One of Gokhan's employers found out about it not by asking Gokhan himself but by asking the army. After that, he says, he was bullied. His co-workers made derogatory comments as he walked past, others refused to talk to him. Ahmet is still waiting for his case to be resolved.

The army has postponed its decision on his pink certificate for another year. Ahmet thinks it is because he refused to appear before them in woman's clothes. And he doesn't know what to expect when he appears in front of them again. Could he not just do his military service and keep his homosexuality a secret? If I have to fulfil a duty for this nation, they should give me a non-military choice. Some names have been changed to protect the identity of interviewees. He was then asked to provide a picture of himself dressed as a woman.

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    New Cap Vigor Lamezia. Futsal Rionero. Another app that gives space for gay dating. One online survey mentions that Grindr, a pioneer among dating apps for LGBTQs: is the most widely used gay dating app on the planet as of now; three —fourths of single gay men are on there.

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    It has reached this level due to good networking while resources are still scarce. This app has been extremely forthright and is for free but a user has to pay if they want to use the premium feature, Grindr XTRA or Grindr Unlimited — these two features allows a user to see unlimited men in your area it supports geo-location and thus gets more specific with the filter searches with no ad interference.

    With certain add-ons as compared to other apps, this new app is getting popular gradually. As a result, it does not require much time to search for a date or partner while you are in there. The Chappy app seemed to pop up in the gay dating world quickly — with a lot of cool events in the UK and America.

    Proving you're gay to the Turkish army

    A few design features make it awkward to fill out a profile, but once you get the hang of it, it does actually work. Scruff is almost as popular as Grindr. It was launched about ten years back in The intention was changed soon after and now the app hosts more than 15 million users worldwide. Similar to Grindr, Scruff uses geolocation to source profiles and is free to use.

    The app, however, charges extra for PRO membership. This feature allows users to check out queer events in their location which is of great help allowing gay men to select and interact their own kinds safe spaces and connect in real life. Scruff is the first app that has an option for including members of the military and the transgender community. This is again on the same lines as Scruff but is a more niche version of Scruff.