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But now the distinction is somewhat blurred. Two boats one red, one blue rowed by ten oarsmen each, are accompanied by a couple of musicians and fellow jousters.

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It is an amazing experience with hundreds of years of tradition and, of course, the crowds go wild when a jouster ends up in the canal. If you feel so inclined, you might want to indulge in some jousting lessons which can be arranged at the port. This is a festival which, although had little appeal at first, was thoroughly enjoyable, extremely exciting and the crowds are not only well behaved but very welcoming to visitors. There are other smaller art, jazz and poetry festivals and during our visit we even saw approximately three thousand international motorcycle enthusiasts enter the town for a day of celebration.

From June to the end of September this lively town is one big party. We tried out Le Moom Club and although it starts late we had a fabulous time until the early hours of the morning. We had access to bountiful, fresh produce at the market and prepared it ourselves. Just about every restaurant offers a formula dinner and most include a two or three course option. Results showed that homosexual men displayed significantly higher pitch modulation patterns and less breathy voices compared to heterosexual men, with values shifted toward those of heterosexual women.

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Lastly, testosterone levels did not influence any of the investigated acoustic features. Combined with the literature conducted in other languages, our findings bring new support for the feminization hypothesis and suggest that the feminization of some acoustic features could be shared across languages. Document type : Journal articles. Publisher files allowed on an open archive. Metrics Record views. After investigating these possibilities, you might want to contact a specialist travel insurance company.

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A typical travel insurance policy usually provides cover for the loss of baggage, tickets and — up to a certain limit — cash or cheques, as well as cancellation or curtailment of your journey. Most exclude so-called dangerous sports unless an extra premium is paid. Rough Guides has teamed up with World Nomads to offer you travel insurance that can be tailored to suit the length of your stay. There are also annual multi-trip policies for those who travel regularly.

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Wireless internet wi-fi is increasingly the norm in even the cheapest French hotels and is often — though not invariably — free. Many hotels will also have a computer terminal in a public area for those who do not have laptops or smartphones. Unless specified otherwise, all accommodation establishments listed in this guide have wi-fi.

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  • Most hotels forbid doing laundry in your room, though you should get away with just one or two items. French post offices , known as La Poste and identified by bright yellow-and-blue signs, are generally open from around 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to noon on Saturday.

    You can receive letters using the poste restante system available at the central post office in every town. Items are kept for 15 days. You can also buy stamps from tabacs and newsagents. To post your letter on the street, look for the bright yellow postboxes. For further information on postal rates, among other things, log on to the post office website laposte. There are seven notes — in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, , and euros — and eight different coins — 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1 and 2 euros.

    See xe. By far the easiest way to access money in France is to use your credit or debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM known as a distributeur or point argent ; most machines give instructions in several European languages. American Express is accepted less often. Basic hours of business are Monday to Saturday 9am to noon and 2 to 6pm.

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    In big cities, shops and other businesses stay open throughout the day, as do most tourist offices and museums in July and August. In rural areas and throughout southern France places tend to close for at least a couple of hours at lunchtime. Small food shops may not reopen till halfway through the afternoon, closing around 7. The standard closing day is Sunday, even in larger towns and cities, though some food shops and newsagents are open in the morning. Some shops and businesses, particularly in rural areas, also close on Mondays. Banking hours are typically Monday to Friday 8.

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    Some branches, especially those in rural areas, close on Monday, while those in big cities may remain open at midday and may also open on Saturday morning. All are closed on Sunday and public holidays. Museums tend to open from 9 or 10am to noon and from 2 or 3pm to 5 or 6pm, though in the big cities some stay open all day and opening hours tend to be longer in summer.

    Museum closing days are usually Monday or Tuesday, sometimes both. Churches are generally open from around 8am to dusk, but may close at lunchtime and are reserved for worshippers during services times of which will be posted on the door. You can make and receive calls — look for the number in the top right-hand corner of the information panel. You can also use credit cards in many call boxes. For calls within France — local or long distance — simply dial all ten digits of the number.

    Note that some of these 08 numbers cannot be accessed from abroad. Numbers starting 06 and 07 are mobile numbers and are therefore more expensive to call. If you are going to be in France for any length of time and will be making and receiving a lot of local calls, it may be worth buying a pay-as-you-go French SIM card from any of the big mobile providers Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom , all of which have high-street outlets.

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    One other option, of course — if you can find a wi-fi zone — is to make calls through a video-calling account like Skype or Face Time. At restaurants you only need to leave an additional cash tip if you feel you have received service out of the ordinary, since restaurant prices always include a service charge.

    Addresses, contact details and opening hours are detailed throughout the Rough Guide to France , or try tourisme. All local tourist offices provide specific information on the area, including hotel and restaurant listings, leisure activities, car and bike rental, bus times, laundries and countless other things; many can also book accommodation for you. If asked, most offices will provide a town plan for which you may be charged a nominal fee , and will have maps and local walking guides on sale.

    In mountain regions they display daily meteorological information and often share premises with the local hiking and climbing organizations.