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Presentation skills Adria says he spends time making himself look good and expects the same from clients. Several emails and text messages later, Davies flew from her Queensland home to meet James in the foyer of a Sydney hotel. After heading up to her room together, James asked for his money and then asked Davies to take a shower. After the shower, they moved to the couch, where he started to undress her. It was the first time Davies had taken off her clothes in front of a man other than her husband or her doctor. It felt exhilarating.

She knew this was a job for James - just work, nothing more - but says there was still a thrill in knowing that having sex with her wasn't going to be a chore for him. All Davies will divulge of the experience are the comments, "Believe me, it was good.

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I certainly wasn't disappointed. Ryan James looks exactly as he does in his online photos: clean-cut, blond and gym-toned - like someone who should be putting out fires and rescuing kittens from trees. For seven years, he had a brain-corroding desk job in finance. It is a job, but it's a very enjoyable job. There are a few things James wants to clarify about his profession.

First, he's not in this job because he has an unusually high libido. As soon as they're with a client they're not particularly attracted to, they fail.

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James thinks for a minute. Second, he says, no one is forcing him to do this. In fact, he's never heard of any heterosexual male escort who's been forced into the profession - they choose to be there. Finally, says James, there's nothing wrong or damaged about him, or anyone else he knows who works in his field. I read him a quote by writer, Fairfax columnist and anti-pornography crusader Melinda Tankard Reist: "Buying and selling male or female bodies for sex will always be reducing them to a means to an end; a denial of their full humanity.

Some are doctors, lawyers or psychologists, but they prefer not to do that as they find this work more rewarding. After her session with James, Davies felt renewed. She sent him a text message that said, "Thank you so much - I've had the experience of a lifetime. You're an amazing person that's [sic] made me very happy.

As she tells me this, Davies starts to cry. It was a moment of feeling self-worth and feeling special, feeling like I was someone It had been a long time, "a hell of a long time, probably the majority of my marriage, to be quite honest" - since anyone had made Davies feel that way. He is lovely to me, he makes me feel like a woman.

It's business, but I still feel very desirable with him. Davies is now a semi-regular client of James. When he comes to the hotel room, she now knows to leave the money on the side table before they start. She also feels her time with him has helped clarify her relationship with her husband, settled old scores about his affairs - at least in her mind - and made her reconsider the potential for other men in her life. It's impossible to determine how many male escorts work in Australia, but agencies and workers will tell you there are more female sex workers than male, and definitely more male-for-male sex workers than male-for-female.

Exclusively heterosexual male escort work is still a niche industry in Australia. The market is so new that Cameron Cox, of Sydney's Sex Workers' Outreach Project, says that five years ago one Sydney escort agency even approached gay male sex workers to do "straight for pay". But every straight male escort I spoke to said business had only picked up since they started working.

The industry may be boutique, but if you're good, your client base will grow. Over the past year, James may only have had 30 clients, but many are repeat customers who book him every fortnight. Women like Davies - caught in unhappy relationships - form part of James's clientele, but he is also hired by businesswomen who need a date, young women, married couples and men who want to watch him having sex with their wives.

Similarly, there's no such thing as a "typical escort".

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If you're interested in escorting and don't resemble a muscled, waxed calendar boy, you needn't despair. In the US, there is an escort named Sugar Weasel who will, upon request, arrive at your home or hotel dressed as a white-bodied clown. Another male escort named Vincent splits time between Washington DC and Toronto and describes himself as an "adult entertainment entrepreneur". Vincent is in his 70s.

Apparently, both are popular. John Oh, 41, is a cm, Sydney-based male escort with pale skin, prematurely grey hair and big hands.

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He looks like a handsome naturopath. Most of his clients are older women who have teenage or grown-up children and the idea of having sex with someone in their 20s gives them the creeps. Forty-seven is a very specific age, I say. A lot of women get to 47 and find themselves single again.

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Oh's one-bedroom Sydney apartment, which he rents exclusively for sex work, is a slick, modern affair that resembles a hotel suite. There's a stainless-steel kitchen, a large flat-screen TV hooked up to music, and an acoustic guitar on a stand.

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The mattress on the bedroom floor doesn't have a base and still has crumpled sheets, most likely from his last booking, which only finished an hour before we meet. When a client visits Oh, he'll buzz her in and then they'll share a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

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  • They'll then talk. It's all rather wholesome. His next step is always to offer a massage so he can initiate more physical contact without the client having to request it. They've come out of a relationship - a marriage of 20 or 30 years - so they may have had very few partners in their lives. The prospect of getting back into dating is hugely intimidating.

    What they're looking for is a soft beginning. So to speak. Her seven-year relationship with a woman had ended and she wanted to ease herself back into the world of men without resorting to the bar and club scene. Ward is a likeable, energetic year-old, based in Sydney, who works as a cosmetic surgery nurse - "Botox, fillers, that sort of thing" - and has an infectious toucan squawk of a laugh.

    She wears sequinned, body-hugging clothes and has bold magenta streaks in her hair. You get the sense she'd have no problems picking up anyone of either sex. Ward also felt self-conscious about her weight at the time. She is athletic and healthy-looking when we meet, but weighed more than kilograms when she broke up with her partner. As a bigger woman, she didn't like the prospect of going to a bar by herself. She made the booking, had her hair and make-up done, took the day off work and booked a hotel in Potts Point. Wearing a double-denim ensemble, he has tanned skin, dark shiny hair, calf-like brown eyes and a stud in his left ear.

    At 27, he is already a veteran of the industry. The first time he was paid for sex, he was It wasn't planned. Finally, she asked him what time he finished his shift, adding, "Since I paid you for your services, can you return the favour? He figured he'd earned a lot of money in a short period of time, and that hospitality wages weren't great.

    He also found the woman attractive. It was a sexy scenario. At first, he signed with an agency, but didn't get any work for six months. Fast and simple to cross. My experience: Absolutely amazing experience. Burmese people are very friendly and positively curious about the foreigners. I hitchhiked there alone and it was x better than expected. With 10 people standing around you, it will be pretty hard to get a lift, so walk away to some better spot. Police will ask for your passport all the time. It took me almost a week to hitchhike km.

    As a crazy comparison — I hitchhiked km in one day in Australia. There are still many restricted areas around Myanmar that are out of the reach for the tourists. You should respect the police watch though. Camping and couchsurfing is illegal, too. I slept numerous times outside.

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    In general, you should know that a lot of information available online about traveling in Myanmar is wrong, because things are changing very fast there after opening the borders. Crossing was super simple and fast. On the Myanmar side, the new road over the Dawna mountains - connecting Myawaddy to the rest of Myanmar - is now open so you do not need to worry about the issue of the old single track road, with its alternating one-way system. Around touristic places, you can get by with basic English as most locals speak it.

    My experience: I hitchhiked there with 2 of my friends and even for three of us it was pretty easy.

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    People are hospitable and they kept giving us rakija. Border crossing: Crossing the border to Tivat from Croatia was very easy. In case you get unlucky, Malay is pretty simple to learn and here are few useful phrases:. In the 1 st ten days of hitchhiking I saw 7 penises without asking. People would flash me all the time even when I was only walking on the street.

    I had to threat to them with my pepper spray quite often, but it was effective.