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In Morocco, attitudes were much more relaxed and, provided they were discreet, Westerners could indulge their desires, without fear of harassment, with a limitless supply of young locals in need of money, and smoke an equally limitless supply of the local cannabis. The differential in wealth between foreigners and Moroccans created a thriving market in prostitution, but relations were not only based on the exchange of money.

Paul Bowles had a long-lasting friendship with the artist Ahmed Yacoubi, and his wife Jane lived in an apartment upstairs with a wild peasant woman called Cherifa. In his early days in Tangier, Burroughs was not particularly sensitive to local culture. In a letter to Allen Ginsberg in , he is not even able to keep track of his conquests:. Several days later… I meet an Arab in native dress, and we repair to a Turkish bath. Now I am almost but not quite sure it is the same Arab.

In any case I have not seen no. It's like I been to bed with 3 Arabs since arrival, but I wonder if it isn't the same character in different clothes, and every time better behaved, cheaper, more respectful… I really don't know for sure. In his autobiography Second Son, David Herbert, an English aristocrat and long time resident of Tangier, bemoaned the city's "Queer Tangier" reputation. Great offence is caused by their lack of discrimination and if someone gets knocked on the head it is usually their own fault.

Orton was sitting at a table with friends beside a "rather stuffy American tourist and his disapproving wife. When one of those at the table reminded Orton that the tourists could hear every word, he replied, "they have no right to be occupying chairs reserved for decent sex perverts.

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For some straight men the predominance of gay men had its advantages. The septuagenarian American travel writer John Hopkins says: "I was the only heterosexual writer in Tangier at the time. In terms of women, I had the field to myself! Although some think the writers were rebelling against a soulless, suburban McCarthyite America, Hopkins says it was more straightforward.

That's what drew them. The Moroccans were charming, attractive, intelligent and tolerant. They had to put up with a lot from us. So why did Morocco, an ostensibly devout Islamic country, allow homosexuality to thrive? The author Barnaby Rogerson says it is a society that is full of paradoxes. The word fitna, he suggests, "means something like 'charm, allure, enchantment, temptation, dissent, unrest, riot, rebellion' or all of these at the same time.

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But despite a certain fear of this chaos of sexuality, there is also an understanding that it is just part of human nature and that ultimately you have to live and let live. But why were these giants of American literature so attracted to Tangier? Related Topics. Abad, et al. Multi-location trials of around 2, ha. Increased resistance to tungro virus was also noted. Likewise, there was extensive root growth and sturdy stems that prevent lodging of rice plant. Testimonies given by farmers indicated a substantial increase in their income with the utilization of radiation-modified carrageenan.

Optimization by addition of hydrogen peroxides to improve degradation is discussed. Data on pilot scale production of radiation modified carrageenan is presented. Reference: [1] Abad, L. Radiation Physics and Chemistry , Recent developments in instrumentation have opened up new vistas for radiation research using pulse radiolysis techniques. Picosecond pulse radiolysis has become a routine technique in several countries, and new techniques are under development to further expose physical events occurring at very short times following radiolysis.

New technologies such as mid-IR quantum cascade lasers enable detailed mechanistic studies of radiation-induced reactions using the high resolution and structural specificity of vibrational spectroscopy to identify intermediates.

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Broadband multispectral detection has increased the power and throughput of pulse radiolysis detection methods in the infrared and UV-Vis-NIR. In addition to the current progress described above, a perspective will be offered identifying important areas for future instrumentation development in support of cutting-edge radiation science. Ionic liquids ILs attract the interest of researchers and industry due to their remarkable properties, and many applications in the fields of energy and technology, including as a potential medium for the treatment of spent nuclear fuel for the sustainable use of nuclear energy.

For several years we have studied aspects of ionic liquid radiation chemistry from primary species reactivity through long-term product accumulation, to elucidate their degradation pathways. We aim to develop innovative, effective and durable IL-based separations systems, so we must also describe how radiolysis interferes with the separation process. During this project we found several classes of ions that are resistant to ionizing radiation and we will present some examples.

The recent development of mid-infrared transient absorption detection has been particularly useful.

HOMOSEXUALITY in MOROCCO \u0026 in ISLAM (part 5 of 5)

For example, we observed the immediate formation of acetaldehyde and vinyl alcohol during pulse radiolysis of choline NTf2 see figure. Brazil is a multicultural South American country has had the influence of the pre-Columbian native civilizations, the Portuguese and African colonization and lately the European colonization especially from Germany and Italy, not to mention that Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside Japan.

In addition other factors, this situation makes the country own a vast variety collection of historic value objects. Brazilian weather conditions have been affected directly tangible materials causing deterioration besides on insects and fungi attack. Natural disasters particularly floods also have been affected many collections inside the country. Within this scenario, the gamma radiation processing arises as an alternative to traditional methods to the disinfection of cultural heritage artefacts and archived materials.

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Currently, this facility has irradiated for disinfection purposes effectively several works of art, museum collections artefacts, books, manuscripts, drawings, archive documents, musical instruments, ethnographic objects, archaeological findings, natural history collections among others from various regions of the country. Gamma irradiation has several advantages when compared with conventional preservation methods mainly related to the safety, efficiency, reliability, capacity, process time and safe for environment.

The success obtained in Brazil with these applications is due to the support of the IAEA to many regional projects related to the nuclear techniques applied to cultural heritage preservation and research. The IAEA policies are helping to understand that the cultural heritage is a legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and restored for the benefit of future generations.

Argon can be a very good gaseous radiotracer for industrial applications if a sufficient amount of activity is produced from the reactor. In the field, radioactive argon gas is liberated from hydroquinol crystals by dissolving with water or alcohol solvent. Background of the study: Gas-solid conical fluidized bed are used for several application like drying, food processing, granulation, combustion, gasification, coating of nuclear fuel particles, crystallization, catalytic cracking, sulphide ores sedimentation and particle classification etc.

The design parameter for mentioned applications depends on the bed behaviour completely.

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However, research on conical fluidized bed shows that literature at in-situ condition is missing till date. So the investigation of conical gas-solid fluidized bed at in-situ condition is required for the basic understanding of the flow pattern and bed behaviour which can be implemented for better design and scale up of the column. Methodology: The radioisotope based technique known as radioactive particle Tracking RPT Technique and densitometry have been applied for the study of conical fluidized bed.

In RPT technique one radioactive particle glass bead in this case is doped with scandium This tracer particle is used as marker whose motion is tracked by using 10 NaI Tl scintillation detectors. The position of the tracer particle is reconstructed by using the count time series map recoded by each detector. Further post processing like particle position time series data, Lagrangian velocity time series, mean and rms velocities of the particle is calculated by using count time series map. The other technique densitometry is used to measure the chordal average solid volume fraction at different axial and radial locations of the bed.

Results: The conical column used comprises of 0. Two different particles of diameter 0. Both mono-dispersed and binary bed behaviour is studied to characterize the mixing and segregation.

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The bed composition has been varied as , , , and to visualize the effect of composition with velocity. The total weight of bed is kept constant for all the experiment. In binary fluidized bed both the particle are tracked individually. Both RPT and densitometry have been conducted for three different velocities 2umf, 3umf and 4umf of 1 mm particle.